Start selling your videos on xHamster today!

Hey fabulous!

Let’s talk about money making with xHamster Content Creators program – we’ve got plenty of ways you could earn on!

Selling videos is one of them! xHamster Premium is the official marketplace of xHamster where you can earn money by selling your videos straight away.

It’s easy!

• Sign up as a Content Creator
• Click on “Open a Store” button under “Sell your videos”
• Verify yourself on xHamster Premium and wait for review

That’s it! Upload your videos, set your price and start earning with xHamster!

Start selling your videos on xHamster today!
xHamster Premium will offer you:

Fan Сlubs

Choose your Fan Club from the several package options, and you will get paid 68% from sales and re-bills PLUS view-share revenue from videos that you will provide for Premium Gold!

Earn monthly with your fan subscriptions and add up to your overall revenue on xHamster!


Gold section on xHamster is about monthly subscriptions. As simple as that: make your paid videos available in the Gold section and get a cut of our monthly revenue. Currently there are more than 52 000 active members – and counting!

Read more about Premium Gold perks here

VOD sales

Sell videos at a price YOU define.
Set any price per video and get paid for all the sold videos.

Referral program

Share referral links via Twitter with your subscribers.
If a user buys your video via this link, we will pay you double (x2) for this purchase.


Just like VOD sales, set any price per tokens, get tipped and paid at once!
On top of that, you get free xHamster promotion, new fans subscribing every day and a super engaged target audience.

Join us now!
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